[Newsen] A Pink expresses winning thoughts, “We’re sorry, Huh Gak Oppa”

A Pink has expressed their thoughts on winning number 1.

Winning the July 19th broadcast of Music Bank with ‘NoNoNo’, this is also A Pink’s first win on major broadcast program since 2 years of debut, hence, the members were filled with tears.

A Pink Oh HaYoung expressed after the encore stage, “I’m still feeling absurd. I didn’t even know how to expressed my winning thoughts (on the program), and members were crying a lot.”

When asked if there’s any unsaid thoughts on winning #1, she replied, “There’s many. There’s so many people I want to thank, and I couldn’t do that properly. Huh Gak Oppa, in particularly. So it’s a little sad. Today is my birthday, and I’ve received such large present. He asked us to mention him if we were to win #1, but we didn’t do so. When Oppa won first, he mentioned us though..”, expressing her regretful heart.

She continued, “We should have said something on BEAST-sunbaenims’ release… and we’ve greeted 4minute eonnies back stage, Roh JiHoon, Mario, BTOB and many more colleagues we have yet to address. It’s really regretful.”

Oh Hayoung continued, “We don’t want to have a greed for #1s, that’s what we’ve said among ourselves, but we’re really thankful. Now we have to go for our fansign. I think fans will be happy to know that A Pink won #1. But we fear that we might cry again during the fansign.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen



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