[Newsen] 4minute Kwon SoHyun, “President-nim teaches sex education”

4minute Kwon SoHyun has mentioned that the agency provides lessons on sex education.

During the recent recording for KBS 2TV ‘Fullhouse’, the MCs and guests discussed about ‘If daughter were to travel with boyfriend, will you pretend you don’t know and just let her go?’.

4minute Kwon SoHyun expresses her thoughts, “It’s a no if she’s going on a vacation with her boyfriend”. Unlike an answer of her age, she further explained, “My agency president-nim taught us that if you hold a man’s hands, he would want a kiss. And if you give him a kiss, he’ll want a hug. They are all the same”, “The agency president-nim gives us sex education like a father”, she revealed with a smile.

Kwon SoHyun continued, “However, president-nim did not mention whether to meet many guys, or to be conservative” expressing a 20 years old curiosity. This episode will be broadcast on the 19th 8.50PM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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