[OSEN] Yong JunHyung produces whole BEAST album… ‘Emerges as a producing group’

Popular idol group BEAST has dropped the second curtain.

BEAST who have been working with strong producers such as S.Tiger, will now be a producing group by itself, as member Yong JunHyung filled the album with his production.

Last year member Yang YoSeob’s solo promotion ‘Caffeine’ which was produced by Yong JunHyung had long-run results, proving his capability on song production. This time round, Yong JunHyung helped out with BEAST second full album ‘Hard to love, How to love’ along with his musical partner Kim TaeJoo.

Other than that, the whole members participated a lot in this album producing process, and it can be said to be an album ‘All made by BEAST’.

Previously, BEAST has revealed two songs made by Yong JunHyung. ‘Will You Be Alright’ and ‘I’m Sorry’ both received great responses. BEAST’s comeback will incur an additional amount of costs, as  the members will be unveiling the performance stage during their solo concert on the 20th and 21st, which further raises the anticipation for their July comeback.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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