[Newsen] BEAST making a comeback with a full album

BEAST are soon making their comeback.

BEAST will be revealing their second full album titled ‘Hard to love, How to love’ on the 19th afternoon through online music sites, making their comeback after a year of hiatus.

This full BEAST album can be said to  be ‘all made by BEAST’, as members participated in the producing process and many more. Previously BEAST presented two new ballad songs that channels BEAST’s charms, hence, attention is now focused on them.

BEAST had spent July 10th filming a 3 days 2 nights music video for the title track, once again raising fans’ anticipation for their upcoming release.

Prior to BEAST’s second full album, they have released first title track ‘Will you be alright’ and second title track ‘I’m Sorry’, and both were charted well on the charts. Despite zero promotions, BEAST was able to get the #1 spot on music programs.

BEAST’s comeback last year with ‘Midnight’ and ‘It’s a Beautiful Night’ had further prove their strength as one of the most popular boy group. Despite busy schedules meeting up with local and foreigner fans, the members of BEAST have painstakingly participated in providing ideas and producing this album.

This upcoming full album will be highlighting the unique lyrical and dark manly image while presenting a song where everyone can relate to.

Previously, BEAST had a guerrilla concert titled ‘B2UTY Gather’. For this comeback as well, BEAST will be showing it through their solo concert ‘2013 BEAUTIFUL SHOW’. Strong competitor BEAST will be releasing the full album on July 19th and their first stage will be during their solo concert.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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