[TV Report] ‘MONSTAR’ Kim MinYoung, A fan of BEAST, “JunHyung’s really professional”

‘MONSTAR’ Kim MinYoung has revealed that she’s a BEAST fan.

During the press conference for ‘MONSTAR’, Kin MinYoung expressed, “I can play a fan’s character that likes Yong JunHyung.”

She further revealed that she’s in fact a fan of BEAST. She added, “The first concert I went was BEAST’s concert. So, incorporating the audience point of view into the act was easy. I’ve told JunHyung about it, and he asked me to go for their upcoming concert too.”

Playing the role of a fan, she continued, “In the drama, I had scenes where I praise SeolChan. In reality, that’s how I feel too. I can feel how Yong JunHyung and BEAST rise to this spot.”

Kim MinYoung explained, “Yong JunHyung is indeed like a professional. He’s always mumbling during every breaks on the set. When you look closely, he’s actually singing and rapping. A few actors who participated in the show were high school friends of Yong JunHyung. And they said that he’s always like this even during high school times. I wonder if it’s because he lives like that, that’s why he is able to compose as well. He’s indeed like a professional”

“He gave me the feeling that he’s always practicing and composing. Looking at him, you’ll feel shy as well. His diligent look is really handsome”, she added.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Report, Ilgan Sports


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