[TV Daily] MONSTAR Kang Haneul, “Yong JunHyung is an Art”


Rather than going for a filming session, Kang Haneul felt that it’s more like going to meet friends. Towards Yong JunHyung who forms love line with Ha YeonSu in the drama, Kang Haneul commented, “He’s like art”

“Junhyung is really like a piece of art. I receive lots of different vibe from different artists. (He’s) Really good in acting. He’s a friend who went for acting courses in high schools. In fact, when I first met Junhyung, I thought it would be hard to approach him. Since he’s a singer, and very famous (laughs). But he approached me first. I was thankful for that.”

In the drama, Yong JunHyung and Kang Haneul are friends of the same age, but in reality, they share a hyung-dongsaeng relationship with a year of age difference. But since Kang Haneul was born early of the year, speaking with formalities could be awkward too.

“Unfortunately I’m the closest with him, he’s a friend to the extent that I felt that he’s my soulmate. Because of that, it’s really awkward to add ‘hyung’ for Junhyung. So, when we first met, I asked him, “How should I call Junhyung-ssi?” and he replied saying that we can just drop the formalities (laughs).”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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