[Sports DongA] 4minute the new trend for Clubs, Why?

Girl group 4minute’s April and June releases of ‘What’s Your Name’ and ‘Is It Poppin?’ respectively are driving a whole new trend  in clubs, hence, 4minute have become the ‘Queens of Clubs’.

The two title tracks have recently turned into representative songs for club culture as club DJs would definitely play these songs.

‘What’s Your Name? What’s your phone number?’ lyrics that can be found in ‘What’s Your Name’  asks the opposite sex for their name and telephone number which we usually see in clubs, therefore the song creates more fun factor to the clubbing atmosphere.

Whenever this song plays, clubbers would strike gestures to people beside them, asking their names and telephone numbers as they have fun listening to ‘What’s Your Name’.

Surprisingly, 4minute’s recent release ‘Is It Poppin’ further brought them the ”Queens of Clubs’ title. ‘Is It Poppin’ has a part that goes, ‘(You/I) like people who looks pretty and dances well and have fun’, which is also the reason why club DJs commonly use this song to raise the overall atmosphere in clubs.

With the growth of such trend, 4minute have received invitation to perform in a few famous clubs across the nation. The hot responses for their performance in these clubs are currently being considered by 4minute.

Meanwhile, 4minute will soon be performing a ;19+ ‘Poolside Party’ at a club, along with DJ DOC.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports DongA


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