[NEWS] ‘Happy Together’ Kyuhyun thinks that 4minute’s scary + Hyuna’s ‘Good Water Grapefruit’ recipe

Super Junior member KyuHyun has revealed his thoughts on 4minute.

During Happy Together 3, MCs unanimously agreed that 4minute has a strong image.

Kyuhyun then added, “They’re scary” and explained, “I’ll drop my formalities when talking to girl groups. To 4minute however, I somehow have that weird feeling that I’m a weird sunbae.”

When asked “Is it because you like Hyuna, that’s why?”, and Kyuhyun responded, “That could possibly be the reason. That’s probably 90% true”, which caused the set to laugh.

Hyuna then introduced a dish made by herself, in which she named ‘Good Water Grapefruit’.

‘Good Water Grapefruit’ is a very simple dessert that takes only 14 seconds to be made. Hyuna further emphasized the prize factor, “You buy it for 10,000 Won in the city but you only need 3,000 Won to be made if you’re at home”.

The particularly special dish for the day shocked MCs Yoo JaeSuk and Park MyeongSu, “Isn’t it too simple?” but when they took a bite of it, their looks turned 180 degrees. Park MyeongSu commented, “The juice that stays in the mouth is really an art”. Hyuna’s ‘Good Water Grapefruit’ receives more praises such as “A taste females would like”, “It’s sweet and refreshing”, “It’s really tasty”, which makes it the official 41st recipe on Happy Together.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Hankyung enews


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