[NEWS] ‘Happy Together’ 4minute Heo Gayoon’s personal talent and complex?

4minute member Heo Gayoon has revealed that her personal talent.

Heo Gayoon and member Hyuna guested on Happy Together 3 which was broadcast on the 5th.

On this day, when asked why she’s not exposed in the variety field, Heo Gayoon answered, “I said I didn’t want to do varieties to the company”.

Heo Gayoon explained, “I dislike being asked to sing or dance or to do any personal talents when asked by the MCs”, she added. Previously, Henry and Soyu have shown their skills on ‘Happy Together’.

She then revealed that she never lose in an argument. She then demonstrated it to the MCs. Kyuhyun then added, “I don’t even have the skill to argue in varieties”, causing laughter on set.

Meanwhile, Heo Gayoon also revealed her complexity. She said, “My body has a personal talent of its own. I don’t know why but my ankles are really small”. Hyuna responded regarding her nano ankles and said, “That’s a female’s ankle.”

Other guests who saw Heo Gayoon’s nano ankle was shocked. Gayoon further explained, “Actually, these are my complex. My feet are small. There aren’t shoes that are 210 – 220mm. I had to wear 3 to 4 pairs of socks before I could wear a shoe,” revealing her frustration.

Furthermore, Heo Gayoon insisted that she’s the founder of airport fashion.

She made a statement, saying “I was the first who came out with airport fashion”, which led to Super Junior’s KyuHyun asking “From Heo Gayoon-ssi?” and MC Yoo JaeSuk, “You’re saying the founder of airport fashion is Heo Gayoon?”

As everyone was in a big doubt, Heo Gayoon asked in puzzlement, “Isn’t it?”, which caused laughter on set.

On this day too, it was revealed that Soyu and Heo Gayoon almost debuted in the same group. They said, “We thought that both of us will be debuting in the same group”.

Gayoon added, “We both practiced Davichi’s songs as a duo everyday”, which further garnered attention.


Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source:  TV Report Hankyung Newsen, Financial News


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