[My Daily] ‘Discharge D-5’ Rain signs ‘0 Won’ contract with Cube Entertainment

Singer Rain will be returning to his original intention.

Cube Entertainment representative spoke to MyDaily on the 5th, “Rain who has decided to go with Cube, had signed the contract without any down payment. He has shown a strong will to return to his original intention with all the best efforts,” he revealed.

The representative continued, “Rain and Representative Hong SeungSong knew each other for quite a long time. There were talks about working together and so it was decided (that he joins Cube)” and, “Representative Hong will be assisting Rain’s activities actively,” he added.

Representative Hong was a person who played an important role in debuting Rain in JYP Entertainment in May 2002, and had been assisting Rain’s progress then. Despite Rain’s enlistment in 2011, the two remain in close contact and Rain will soon be drawing futures with his new agency.

Meanwhile, Rain will be discharged on July 10th.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: My Daily


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