[TV Report] Seo ShinAe wishes Yoon Doojoon a Happy Birthday

Actress Seo ShinAe wishes BEAST member Yoon Doojoon for his birthday.

Seo ShinAe wrote on her me2day today, saying, “Today is Doojoon Oppa’s birthday. Happy Birthday. It has already been 4 years liking you. Please do well for the concert, I’ve already got your concert tickets. If there’s no shoot then, I will go for the concert! HAPPY BIRTHDAY p.s. please watch out for ShinAe’s drama Queen of the classroom too”


Last June, during a program, she revealed that she listens to BEAST’s songs when she cried and revealed, “I like Doojoon Oppa. He’s handsome and kind. I have already liked him for 2 years”.

Netizens who read this commented, “That’s cute of Seo ShinAe”, “She seems to like Doojoon forever”, “Happy birthday Yoon Doojoon”.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Report


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