[Newsen] BTOB Seo Eunkwang to make musical debut, Reason for late announcement?

BTOB Seo Eunkwang will be joining forces with musical ‘Monte Cristo’.

BTOB’s agency Cube Entertainment and EMK Musical Company revealed on July 3rd, that BTOB’s leader cum main vocalist will be acting in the popular ‘Monte Cristo’ as Albert.

The musical idol casting list was long ago been revealed even before the musical starts for advertising purposes, but Seo Eunkwang’s first stage on the 10th July was unusually revealed only today.

Producers EMK Musical Company explained, “Seo Eunkwang’s image and Albert’s character matches a lot, and his passion towards musical was large, so we have cast him through an audition” and, “After sufficient practice, he had expressed his thoughts to stand on the stage, and seeing how he had more practice than other actors, we have decided to include his first stage in the middle of the performance period.”

Seo Eunkwang is BTOB’s main vocalist, and has shown impressive ballad and dance skills, in particularly his exceptional singing skills. He has already been catching attention as the vocalist of the next generation even during the early times of their debut.

Other than his singing capabilities, Seo Eunkwang’s kind and cool image and personality suits the musical character a lot, which gathers even more attention for his first musical debut.

Seo Eunkwang expressed, “As I was learning music in my high school days, I have keen interest in musicals as well. Having to start with such a good production really makes me happy. Having to perform on ‘Monte Cristo’ which is very much charming than what I’ve thought, practice too, makes me very blessed as well. I thank seniors who looked after me and, ss I think of those who waits for musical actor Seo Eunkwang, I have confidence that I will work even better on stage. I will do my best as Albert and show a cool look”.

Musical ‘Monte Cristo’ is based on a solid story by Alexandre Dumas ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’.

In the musical, Seo Eunkwang holds the main lead of ‘Albert’ is the son of The Count of Monte Cristo and Mercedes, which then tries to remember The Count’s past innocent self and to forgive what he has done.

Meanwhile, BTOB has concluded promotions for ‘Second Confession and is currently preparing for their new album.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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