[Nanyang] BEAST, 4minute and G.NA successfully held concert in Malaysia!

Idol group BEAST, 4minute and soloist G.NA had held a press conference prior to their concert date. BEAST further revealed their interest in acting in a Malay drama/musical!

BEAST member Kikwang, Doojoon and JunHyung have participated in acting, when asked if others are interested in acting, Yoseob laughed while saying, “I do, especially since the other members acted very well”, The host then asked given the chance, would they want to learn the Malaysia language and to act in Malay drama, Yoseob immediately responded, “That’s good, I will want to try it!”. Meanwhile, G.NA who had just returned to Korea for her debut and singing career expressed that she’s still not good in the Korean language, so she is yet to accept any acting challenge.

BEAST and 4minute who have visited Malaysia quite often. When asked which site of attractions in Malaysia they’d like to visit, 4minute’s leader Nam JiHyun replied, “I heard the beach is beautiful here, I hope I have the chance to go there,” while Yoseob explained, “Since some of us love clothes and accessories, we hope to walk around Malaysia’s shopping mall.”

During the performance, the members of BEAST went on stage and seduced fans with their water-drenched bodies, leading to screams in the stadium!

Every moves lead to screams and cheers from the fans; Considerate Yang Yoseob even became the focus of the audience. He said, “I know Malaysia was under a haze spell recently, my throat felt a little itchy too, so I hope everyone will be healthy!”

The playful Yoseob had even ‘encouraged’ the members to a game of  ‘splashing water’. In the end, it was leader Yoon Doojoon who became the target, and was drenched on stage; The members played happily as they splashed water onto each other. Fans were the biggest winner for the performance!

BEAST walked every corner of the stage to entertain fans. Kikwang threw his sweaty towels to fans. Female fans were seen happily catching the towels, as if they had stroke a lottery. Dongwoon further made fans happy as he said, “Our first overseas promotion was in Malaysia, so we always have beautiful memories whenever we come here! We held our fansign beside a swimming pool then. After it ended, we immediately jumper into the water, because the weather was too hot!”

As for G.NA and 4minute who had performed in Genting, Malaysia just last month, they had put on a sexy and a cute stage respectively, leading to cheers and screams from the audience!

G.NA further gifted fans two song covers of Rihanna ‘Take a Bow’ and ‘Rude Boy’. This was a her first time performing another idol’s song.

4minute also shared more hot stages. However, there were a few small mistakes that occurred, which includes Jiyoon’s mic falling off, and SoHyun having to fix it up for her; meanwhile, as Hyuna walked and clapped at the same time, her hands were tangled with her bracelet.

As a preview for their latest song ‘Is It Poppin’, perhaps due to the lack of preparation, the girls made a small mistake as they sang not in synchronized. They then laughed and teased each other to resolve the embarrassment.

Song list:

G.NA:Supa Solo/2HOT/I’ll leave so you can live better/Banana/Take a bow+Rude boy/First Kiss/Top Girl/Black & White;

4Minute:What’s Your Name/Mirror Mirror/IM OK/HUH/MUZIK/Pretend/Heart to Heart/Hot Issue;

BEAST:Beautiful Night/Bad Girl/Shock+Fiction/On Rainy Days/Will it be alright?/Special/Freeze/I Knew it/BEAUTIFUL/V.I.U

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Nanyang (1) (2)


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