[Newsen] 4minute reveals teaser for ‘Is It Poppin’, Water-splashing at water park

4minute has revealed the teaser for ‘Is it Poppin’.

Girl group 4minute has revealed a summer-like ‘Splashing dance’ in their ‘Is it Poppin’ teaser video, showing the members of 4minute having a refreshing time at a waterpark.

Through Cube Entertainment SNS accounts, 4minute revealed the teaser and firstly presented their hip hop dance at a cooling waterpark scene.

In particular, 4minute who are having a fun time at a club-like atmosphere were sprinkled with seemingly refreshing water. Their free-willed look and splash dance further increase the cooling sensation felt by viewers.

4minute’s title track ‘Is it Poppin’ is the second collaborated song by hit maker Brave Brother and 4minute, hence, receiving high anticipation. And the song is expect to show a summer-like feel.

4minute has recently swept #1 on charts with ‘What’s Your Name’ that was released back in May, and even held the top 10 spots on various mainstream music sites. Followed with the success of ‘What’s Your Name’, expectation is flying high for their next release, ‘Is It Poppin’.

Previously, 4minute has revealed a few individual cuts of 4minute’s refreshing concept for the song, and has become a topic, further raising anticipation towards ‘Is It Poppin’ performance stage.

Meanwhile, 4minute’s ‘Is it Poppin’ will be a refreshing song that matches well with the summer season. Preparations have already been completed, and will be entering the music scene with yet another maker hit after predecessor ‘What’s Your Name’. The song will be released on the coming 28th.

Trans: Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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