[Newsen] 4minute to comeback with ‘Is it Poppin’ (물좋아)

4minute will be making a comeback with ‘Is it Poppin’ in late June.

Cube Entertainment spoke to Newsen on the 21st June, “4minute will be releasing yet another Brave Brothers-collaborated digital single on the 28th, titled ‘Is it Poppin’ on various music sites. It’s a song that involves a love story. They have completed the recordings and MV shoot for the new song recently”, he revealed.

Regarding 4minute’s ‘Is it Poppin’ concept, he explained, “It’s neither a sexy or charismatic concept, but a cute concept – a hip hop dance song that goes well with the summer feel. It is expected that this comeback will be continuing ‘What’s Your Name’s charms.”

4minute had made their comeback with ‘What’s Your Name’ in April 26th. Not long after its release, the song swept #1 spots on various real-time charts. Despite the 4~5 weeks of promotion, the song remained at #1 on weekly charts, showing the power of a strong idol group.

Most of the girl groups go with the sexy concept recently. In contrast, 4minute went with a youthful and refreshing charms and managed to receive loves for the past 6 weeks. 4minute’s combination of differentiated  characteristics and public appeal has also become the talk in the entertainment industry.

Concluding ‘What’s Your Name’ promotions early this month brought about regrets among fans. However, 4minute will soon be releasing yet another new song on the 28th, 3 weeks after their promotions ended. Previously, 4minute who release only an album each year brings a different uniqueness with each of their release.

A 4minute representatives expressed, “‘Is it Poppin’ is a song that suits very well with the summer atmosphere. Lately, 4minute have been receiving loves and thanks from fans through ‘What’s Your Name’ activities. Moreover, the results was great. Although they have already made their comeback, there is a growing heart for 4minute to show fans a good song and different image that suits to the timing.”

4minute have celebrated their 4th anniversary on June 18th. In order to repay fans’ love, 4minute will be making a comeback just 3 weeks after their previous promotions. Many wondered if 4minute will continue to secure charts with ‘Is it Poppin’ like its predecessor ‘What’s Your Name’, hence, anticipation is flying high.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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