[BTOB Cafe] (Eunkwang) Everyone!

(BTOB members as a whole)

From the very foremost, we would like to bow and say sorry to those who have been hurt because of us BTOB up till now.

We would like to solve and heal the wounds, even if a little, of those who are frustrated against BTOB. Therefore we have decided to write this post at last. We will speak of this in a really honest manner, we’ve put down our shells.

‘Sasaeng Fans’ whom everyone are talking about.

As much as I’ve lived, the concept of ‘Sasaeng fans’ in my opinion? – ‘Fans who knows celebrity’s official and unofficial schedule, invades privacy such as staying in front of the dorm, digging personal lives, and even till getting to know every movements of the celebrity’, that’s how I understand them.

Since before, there were many medias talking about them invading celebrity’s privacy in front of the dorm or house, invading personal lives and this has become a problem to our society. Therefore, prior to our debut till today, we felt that we have to cope with ‘Sasaeng fans’.

While walking to the dorm, a taxi was following us until our dorms, I had personally confronted their actions, and even talked to our managers about these fans who knew of our unofficial schedules and had taken the taxis.

This was how we handled ‘Sasaeng fans’.

But this is the problem!!!!

Those who are not involve in our unofficial schedules, waiting at dorms or our personal lives, those who have waited in front of our company, we believed that they came with love and to support us, and so we treat them with an always grateful heart. Moreover, our Cube has a special space called ‘Cube Cafe’, so we treat everyone who came to the company with the same gratefulness.

But in the end, it brought out terms such as ‘Sasaeng fans favoritism’,  and the more serious ones such as ‘dating with sasaeng fans’, till to the very ultimate ‘Sasaeng-dols’… We actually thought that we dealt ‘Sasaeng fans’ in a good manner. So, we really thought that this will stop very soon.

Well!! First and foremost, through this incident, those few among the many that knew a lot about (our movements), staying in front of our company, often coming to our schedules, have causes damages and wounds to many other more Melodies. Till now, we don’t think that those who caused damages are ‘Sasaeng fans’ (Like we’ve previously mentioned, as long as you don’t interfere with our personal lives… and of course, those who never wanted to hurt others) we will treat every Melodies the same.

This is perhaps the largest problem.

But now we understand! These few people who hurt others might be those that many referred as ‘Sasaeng fans’!

But here, we would like to clearly point out that, this incident is not about a problem on ‘Sasaeng fans’. It’s just Melodies causing wounds and damages to other Melodies, those people who caused such mess, is the problem!!

In particular!!! Some fans who went to our music broadcast and recordings had some interactions with the staffs, came to the company and wrote a whole list of things about us, and unduly entering (the company) and requests for us to send them their names and pictures, and to the extent where they threaten for pictures and personal information… these things seem to have hurt many Melodies. If all these are the truth… I will really be skyrocket upset from head till toes………….

Similarly, those who love and support BTOB and entered the building, we will have to stop them too right? We feel that there shouldn’t be any differences. Not at all.

Things that were uploaded online till yet, it’s hard to tell which are the confirmed truths, but there might be some which are true, and we will definitely try our best to look into the matter!!!

Well!! This is the conclusion.

All those I’ve mentioned, all those implied situations, we would like to say that everyone’s so-called ‘Sasaeng fans’ are just merely those who caused hurt and wounds to others!! And someone who group-called these people as such and causing mess, do you want to be like them!?!? We BTOB and the company too, will certainly respond to this. Such as, fans who had participated in the broadcast and had entered unauthorized with a list, we will definitely stop them. If it appears to be a fact that they interacted with our staffs, then we will step forward and replace these staffs. But all these are not things that BTOB can do immediately. It’s a matter that the company should handle, and it takes time. So please trust us, and if you really wait for it, we will clear the matter to the clearest.

We promise!

Regarding this matter, we BTOB and company, managers really felt it and learned from it. At first, we thought of staying idle so please forgive us for not taking any measures about it.We would like to drop our heads and deliver our apologies.

Ah and also, to those who I’ve mentioned as ‘Sasaeng fans’ that have caused distress to others should have their titles changed because, in this incident, it started out as ‘Somebody hurting the other’ but have somehow turned to something big like ‘sasaeng fans’ issue. I won’t say who’s at fault, but those few who supported and came to the company to see us, and those fansites who were wrongfully bashed as ‘Sasaeng fans’. There were some among them who are indeed Melodies who have done nothing wrong. Therefore, please use ‘Sasaeng fans’ meticulously. Those fansite operators must have felt really sad and frustrated…..

To those Melodies who did nothing wrong, since we BTOB did not do anything from the start, we would like to express our apologies…! Hope that Melodies will feel better…^^!!

Lastly!!!! Compared to anything else, we dream of a family-like BTOB and Melody.

Wherever we go, regardless of the number of fans, as long as BTOB and Melodies are together, we have dreams to grow as happy singers and fandom.

So, this incident that have divided the fandom has torn our hearts even further.

But through this incident, we felt that BTOB and Melody have become even deeper, maturer and more united.

Therefore, all of us should overcome this difficult situation and stand up, BTOB and Melodies! Through this growth, we will work hard for better laughing days!!!!

Thank you for always be by our side…

As much as the sky, and as much as the land, as much as the universe, from our heart, I love you Melodies.. ♥

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: BTOB Cafe


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