[OSEN] BEAST Releases ‘I’m Sorry’ MV… 10,000 fans captured

Group BEAST has revealed the faces of 10,000 fans through the MV for their latest track, ‘I’m Sorry.

On the 19th, Cube Entertainment released a special music video of the B2UTY Gather event held on the 15th at Gangnam Maru Park. B2UTY Gather was an event where BEAST put on a performance stage for 10,000 and more fans.

In the revealed MV, at the ‘B2UTY Party’, BEAST performed their firstly-revealed stage for ‘I’m Sorry’, as well as BEAST’s practicing looks, giving a present to their fans through this MV.

In particular, the Heli Cam even captured a touching view of 10,000 that gathered during the summer evening. The MV is a product from Director Lee GiBaek who have created Yang Yoseob’s ‘Caffeine’ MV which gained attention for many emotional cuts.

On the 15th, BEAST has released ‘I’m Sorry’ after the ‘B2UTY Party’ event. BEAST’s second title track ‘I’m Sorry’ talks about a man’s honest regrets and longing for his ex-lover.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN




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