[Newsen] Shin JiHoon signs with Cube DC, ‘Like a jewel’

Shin JiHoon  has signed an exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment.

Cube representatives expressed on the 19th June, “It has been decided that Shin JiHoon will be joining Cube. Please be supportive of Shin JiHoon who has embraced in the arms of Cube DC to grow seeds of possibilities”, they announced.

Previously on the 18th, Representative Hong hinted a new member to the company, “Today, I have gained a jewel-like child. I think there’s nothing happier than this. Her voice is as pure as the sky after a rain,” expressing his thoughts.

Shin JiHoon has been receiving good comments for her goosebumps high notes and her unexpected expressiveness for her age. It was revealed that Representative Hong has placed his interest onto Shin JiHoon’s unique vocals ever since the start of the broadcast.

Representative Hong expressed, “(She has a) Rich expressiveness and the delivery of her emotions unlike her age,. In the future, I have this anticipation of Shin JiHoon touching hearts with her songs. She’s a friend with a great star potential,” he commented.

It is expected that Shin JiHoon will be growing under the care of Cube Entertainment’s sub-label, Cube DC.

Meanwhile, Shin JiHoon made a sudden appearance on Baek AhYeon’s Showcase which was held on the 17th and performed a sweet duet together.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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