[Kyeonggi IlBo] Kim TaeHee mentions Rain “Cherishing the love till the end is important”

Actress Kim TaeHee mentioned singer boyfriend Rain.

On the 19th, Kim TaeHee spoke regarding her boyfriend with a news outlet through an interview, and has revealed that their relationship is still going well.

Through the interview, Kim TaeHee expressed, “We have yet to think about marriage deeply” and specifically expressed her views on love relationships.

Kim TaeHee expressed, “I think that marrying a man out of popularity is a bad thought” and, “It’s only important if both of them love and cherish each other till the end.”

Netizens who heard of the news expressed their opinions, “Kim TaeHee mentioned Rain, I’m happy to know that they’re doing well”, “When is their marriage news?”, “Kim TaeHee said marrying for popularity… (but )Aren’t both of them of the same level?” and various more responses.

Meanwhile, Kim TaeHee and Rain’s relationship was revealed early this year.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Kyeonggi Ilbo


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