[The Star] M4M ‘When You Leave Me’ #1 on MV Chart.. 4minute JiHyun’s MV appearance a ‘Hot Issue’

엠포엠 '네가 떠날때' 뮤비 캡처 / 사진 : 큐브 제공

Cube Entertainment’s co-produced Korean-Chinese group M4M have released their second title track ‘When You Leave Me’ and had charted first on the China’s most popular music video site, YinYueTai.

M4M released ‘When You Leave Me’ MV on the 17th in China. Two hours after its release, the song has grabbed the top  spot on the music video chart, and that record continues even today.

4minute’s leader Nam JiHyun acted as the female lead in ‘When You Leave Me’ MV , and cooperated with M4M’s leader Jimmy. After news of 4minute Nam JiHyun’s MV appearance broke out, it immediately became a hot topic, proving their popularity with ‘What’s Your Name’ in China.

XingTian and Cube Entertainment collaborated project M4M had visited Korea for ‘When You Leave Me’ MV shoot, showing a different mature and gentle side of themselves, instead of their powerful concept.

After the release of their album in China, M4M have been actively promoting for various performance. Them taking the number 1 spots in C-POP monthly charts further gives a more meaningful achievement to them.

Meanwhile, M4M will be starting promotional activities for ‘When You Leave Me’ in China.

엠포엠 '네가 떠날때' 뮤비 캡처

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: The Star


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