[OSEN] 4minute to make a ‘Surprise’ Comeback in June

‘Everything in plan is almost done!’

4minute who have recently made their comeback in May with ‘What’s Your Name’ are currently selecting a comeback date, and will once again enter into the June comeback war.

The ladies have completed recordings for several new songs as  well as shootings for their new MV. The only thing left is the date of their comeback, which is currently under works. Their powerful impact on the music charts have raised nervousness of artists who are making their comeback during that period.

On the 18th afternoon, 4minute representative spoke regarding the comeback, that the date for 4minute’s comeback was earlier than expected, giving rise to a ‘Surprise Comeback’.

June comebacks include Dal Shabet , Girls Day, Roy Kim, YB, Ulala Session, Sweet Sorrow and B.A.P, whereas 2NE1, John Park, Dynamic Duo will follow in the list of July comeback.

It is expected that 4minute will not release a sexy concept this time round. Following the success of the cute and young ‘What’s Your Name’, it seems that they will be releasing a second wave of an addictive yet strong song instead.

4minute’s ‘What’s Your Name’ had charted #1 on Gaon charts for the month of May. They have concluded their promotions on June 9th on Inkigayo.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN



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