[Herald Corp] 4minute’s meaningful ‘4th anniversary’

Girl group 4minute have reached 4 years old since their debut. The ladies who have entered the entertainment industry with their debut track ‘Hot Issue’ have risen to popularity, showing remarkable growth with their past activities, and is a group that we can really anticipate in the future.

On the 18th, Cube Entertainment Ahn HyoJin Marketing Team Leader spoke with the press, “It’s 4minute’s 4th year anniversary. For a group with a 5 years difference, they have had many and different turning points, but 4minute have received good comments such as showing an even more mature look, and we think it is even meaningful to gain such responses”, he revealed.

In fact, 4minute has released their mini album ‘Nams Is 4minute’ on April 26th, making a comeback after a year of blank period. Their title song ‘What’s Your Name?’ latched onto the highest peak of the entertainment industry. It doesn’t stop there, the longer they are, they more they hope to create a ‘going against the flow’ phenomenon in climbing the charts.

4minute’s talents and popularity are growing at the same pace.

4minute who have tightly filling up these 4 years, have confirmed their very own colors with ‘What’s Your Name’. The representative expressed that the precious achievement came because (the song and concept) lived the members’ personalities.

Ahn HyoJin Marketing Team Leader continued, “‘What’s Your Name’ promotions were not limited to only those in their teens, but it also managed to attract loves from people of different ages. We’re happy to hear that”, and “We feel that the hard efforts made by the members are starting to shine.”

He continued, “The members are currently expanding their capabilities. They are learning on how to compose, act, perform, playing instruments and many more. Their diligence is to an amazing extent,” he added.

On the same day, member Kwon SoHyun wrote on her twitter, “It’s 4minute’s 4th debut anniversary. Time seems to pass very quickly. Thank you for always supporting and looking after us by our sides. We will work hard in the future too”, expressing her thoughts on their 4 years anniversary. It seems that 4minute will be even more promising in the future.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Herald Corp


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