[OSEN] BEAST releases ‘I’m Sorry… A song filled with regrets

Group BEAST has once again serenade fans with their sorrowful voices and the sad melody of their new break-up ballad, titled ‘I’m Sorry’.

Released on various music sites on the 15th at 10PM, BEAST’s ‘I’m Sorry’ is the second title track prior to their album comeback in July. The lyrics that depict a man’s regrets for not taking care of his ex-lover after the break up, leaving a strong impression to those who set ears on them.

‘I should have said more ‘I Love You’, ‘Even if I’m annoyed or tired, I should have ran to you and said that I missed you’, ‘I should have taken you to your doorsteps every day’ and more break-up sentences where everyone could relate to. The acoustic guitar accompaniment as the opening for the song further emphasizes the man’s lost memories.

The harmonization between members Yang Yoseob’s neat high notes and Yong JunHyung’s rap further raised the completeness of the song. In particular, Yong JunHyung created ‘I’m Sorry’ with composer Kim TaeJoo, once again showing his skills as a singer-songwriter.

As an idol group that produces exceptionally long-run ballads and dance songs as well as various hit songs, had released their first title track from the album on the 29th, titled ‘Will it be Okay?’. Despite the lack of promotions, the song charted first on music programs.

Today, BEAST held their comeback project ‘B2UTY Gather’ Guerrilla Concert at Seoul Maru Park at 8PM. They firstly revealed their latest song ‘I’m Sorry’ and receiving cheers from about 10,000 fans gathered there. And because of that, ‘I’m Sorry’ was released differently than most songs in general. Instead of the usual 12PM, the song was released at 10PM, right after ‘B2UTY Gather’ ended.

Meanwhile, ‘Will it be Okay’ was released as the first comeback project, followed with the second comeback project that includes ‘B2UTY Gather’ and latest release ‘I’m Sorry’. In the upcoming comeback in July, BEAST will be releasing a new album that includes these two pre-released title tracks and other various songs as well.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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