[Newsen] Lee HeeJin, “I dislike it when junior Yong JunHyung gets hurt”


Lee HeeJin has recently been cast in Mnet Music Drama ‘MONSTAR’ as Dok GoSun. In the drama, Dok GoSun plays the the significant role as a teacher for popular idol Yoon SeolChan (Yong JunHyung).

Lee HeeJin revealed a short story with Yong JunHyung, “At first, after the reading ended, and we have gone for a company gathering, many bowed 90 degrees at me. Yong JunHyung bowed as well. While doing so, he said, ‘I’m BEAST Yong JunHyung. I’m in charge of SeolChan’s role. Please take care of me.’ Since it was so awkward, I told him, ‘You really don’t have to do that’, but he declined and sat by taking his 90 degrees bow again.

Lee HeeJin continued, “I was uncomfortable, but later on, after drinking some alcohol and made more talks, he called me ‘Nuna’. As time passes and we walked to our cars, he honestly told me his feelings.” and, “It seems that because of my strong image in BabyVox, I looked hard to be close with. And also, the age difference was large as well, so it had turned out to be like that”, he explained.

“After that, we exchange messages. When I know that he’s having a hard time, I would send him a message, ‘You did well during the shoot, have strength’ and Yong JunHyung would reply, ‘I’ve become a little more comfortable since (you) took care of me as a nuna and as a senior’. Looking at that, I was reminded of singer friends who started acting in the early stage, and the bad perception they have received. Because he’s a singer hoobae, I hope that he won’t have to suffer from that, I really dislike it if it turns out to be like that. But, the response was good, I felt proud. Since I had a similar situation before, I hope that Yong JunHyung, as a junior, will not receive hatred.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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