[NEWS] Lee Kikwang promises if ‘My Friend is Still Alive’ exceeds 7.7% viewers rating…

BEAST member Lee Kikwang has recently been cast in KBS ‘Drama Special 2013 – My Friend is still Alive’ and has attracted attention for his promise if viewers rating were to exceed 7.7%.

Lee Kikwang plays KyungSuk, a high school student who is terminally ill. Wanting to have his first kiss before he dies, Kyungsuk and his best friends ChiHyun (Lee JooSeung) fought for their ‘first love’ GukHwa (Jeon SooJin).

Lee Kikwang said, “I’ve tried kissing before in my high school times. If I were to be placed in that situation as in the drama, I think I would want to have my first kiss too”. He continued, “That said, if BEAST members are in that situation, I don’t think I will throw away (friendship),” he added.

Lee Kikwang added, “If a friend like ChiHyun is by my side, I think I would trust him till the end” and, “Even if I chose love, if I have the faith that friend would be by my side till the very end, I’ll trust that friend even more.”

During the press conference for ‘Drama Special 2013’, Lee Kikwang made a promise, “If the viewers rating is to exceed 7.7%, I will shout ‘Drama Special Daebak’ at Music Bank.” Lee JooSeung who acted alongside Lee Kikwang in ‘My Friend is still Alive’, has expressed, “I have recently learnt the American Dance from Lee Kikwang, so I’ll add that to it”, announcing a similar promise which had attracted attention.

Holding the first lead role since his debut, Lee Kikwang further said, “Right before participating the press conference, I’ve watched the sneak preview for the drama” and, “Looking at how other colleagues doing very well at it, I had thoughts of not to ever act again. I didn’t try out for many acts, so I looked awkward while acting.”

Lee Kikwang was shocked when he was cast as the main lead for the drama, “Having to receive the proposal to be the lead actor was a shock to me.” He continued, “I’m not at the level of acting as the main lead of the drama. I’m really thankful as they gave me such a large role. I felt the responsibility as well, so I’ll work hard for it” and, “I focused a lot on my emotional acts.”

Regarding Lee Kikwang’s personality, co-actress Jeon SooJin revealed, “Lee Kikwang is quiet but he has this warm charms.”

Meanwhile, co-actor Lee JooSeung expressed his frustration, “While cooperating with Lee Kikwang, my face appeared significantly larger, that’s the reason why I’m frustrated.” He added, “Lee Kikwang’s acting was delivered well, and I felt burdensome.”

KBS2 ‘Drama Special – My Friend is still Alive’ will be aired on the 19th June at 11.20PM.

Trans: Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN, StarNews, Sports Khan,

KyungJae Today (1) (2) (3)


2 responses to “[NEWS] Lee Kikwang promises if ‘My Friend is Still Alive’ exceeds 7.7% viewers rating…

  1. it would be cool if your blog would be connected with facebook fanpage, it would be easier then to notice every entry ^^” thank you for your hard work anyway

    i hope that kiki drama will be a success, well it will be aired on national TV station so 7,7% rating is still kinda low, isn’t it??

    • I would definitely create a Facbook fanpage if there isn’t any time constraint. But unfortunately, there is ㅠㅠ So, apologizes! I would gladly create one in the future when I’m having more time. ^^ By then, please do love LIDC ㅎㅎ

      I believe that Kikwang’s drama will have better ratings than 7.7% =D

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