[Yue IFeng] More M4M ‘When You Leave Me’ MV BTS released! ‘Intimate Bed Scenes’

Co-produced by XingTian Media and Cube Entertainment, 3 months after their debut, M4M has enjoyed a high popularity with Chinese and Korean fans. The release of their first mini album ‘Mystic Formula’ has also attracted attention. It is reported that M4M will be promoting the ballad track ‘When You Leave Me’ from the album as a second title track. They have returned to Korea for this MV shoot, and will be revealing the said MV in the mid-month of June. Today, M4M’s leader Jimmy and female lead 4minute’s Nam JiHyun’s intimate bed scenes were surfaced on the net, further increasing the anticipation for the MV.

As the sole slow track from their new MV, ‘When You Leave Me’ not only has a different style than the fast-tempo ‘Sadness’, the MV contents differs very much from ‘Sadness’ as well. In M4M’s ‘When You Leave Me’ MV, M4M will be presenting themselves with a Prince-like image while every members of M4M will be acting out a man’s longing sorrowful emotions for his ex-lover.

The BTS pictures revealed today includes Jimmy and Nam JiHyun’s hands-holding and sweet whispers, intimate hug on the bed, as well as their loving gaze at each other. It was reported that Jimmy and Nam JiHyun had quite a number of intimate scenes. Since it was their first cooperation, in order to avoid any awkwardness, the two came earlier to set. They’ve chatted to get closer to each other while making preparations for the MV shoot. When the shoot started, Jimmy and Nam JiHyun ended up laughing at each other. But with the remaining shoots, the two became coordinated and cooperated well which has surprised the production crew. The MV will be meeting everyone in mid-June soon. So please anticipate!

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Yue IFeng


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