[Newsen] BEAST Sweeping #1s Gaon Chart-Billboard, To Hold ‘B2UTY More’ Project

BEAST has swept first places on various charts.

Prior to their comeback in July, group BEAST has released a digital track, “Will it be Okay?’ and had recorded good results on various charts.

Revealed on May 29th. BEAST’s ‘Will it be Okay’ rose to the number 1 spot in Billboard Kpop Chart Hot 100 on June 7th, while garnering the first spot on the second week of Gaon Chart, proving that ‘Will it be Okay’ is another ballad hit song of theirs.

Not long after the release of ‘Will it be Okay’, the song had dominated 9 music sites, achieving an All-Kill on  music charts. In particular, they were able to secure the number one spot even though they did not have any promotions.

The release of digital song ‘Will it be Okay’ has emancipate their emotional charms as well as being proved that it is able to capture the ears of the public.

Meanwhile, BEAST are currently done preparing for another preview of their July comeback –  ‘B2uty More’ project, which will be revealed on the coming 15th June at 8PM. Cube Entertainment has changed BEAST’s official homepage to a title that says ‘B2uty More’, while revealing little particulars about it.

This large scale event, including ‘Will it be Okay?’ was in preparations for fans who had waited long for BEAST’s comeback. Meanwhile, BEAST July comeback will serve as an important starting point

Recently, Cube has finalized diverse meetings for at least 7,000 fans to meet up with BEAST on June 15th, as well as to performed special stages on a Mammoth-level.

Prior to this performance, BEAST are seen releasing a little by little of information. Their June special stage will be part of BEAST’s large-scaled comeback which is scheduled in July, hence, attention is rising high.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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