[WangYi] M4M Reveals MV BTS for ‘When You Leave Me’, Couple act with Nam JiHyun

Recently, popular male idol group M4M has shot for their second title track ‘When You Leave Me’ MV. The female lead for the MV is none other than famous 4minute leader Nam JiHyun whereas the male lead is the leader of M4M, Jimmy. It was reported that M4M had ended shootings for the MV last week and had returned to China. It is expected that a high quality ‘When You Leave Me’ MV will soon to meet everyone. Meanwhile, in order to satisfy fans’ expectation, M4M have revealed a little bit of behind the scenes which include Jimmy and Nam JiHyun’s interaction scenes.

As M4M’s leader, the reliable Jimmy has always played the role of an elder brother in the team. Not only had he taken care of the members, during training and schedules, he would often remind and advise the members, bringing warmth to the team. After knowing that he’ll be taking on the lead role in the MV, and to act with senior Nam JiHyun, Jimmy expressed his expectation, and even took time to practice his acting skills. During the MV shoot, Jimmy’s gentle and natural act further won praises of the director.

In today’s MV BTS pictures, Jimmy and Nam JiHyun were seen gazing at each other lovingly while holding hands, sitting together at a piano, leading to curiosity as to how the MV will turn out. It is believed that answers will be found through the upcoming release of more BTS pictures soon.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: WangYi

Special thanks : @MrsSeobB2uty 


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