[Newsen] BEAST- Huh Gak & Jung EunJi dominating music charts ‘Surprising Cube Power’

Cube family has taken over the music charts.

Huh Gak and A Pink’s Jung Eunji have released a duet song titled ‘Short Hair’ on the 31st of May at 12PM. As a project for ‘A CUBE For Season Blue’, ‘Short Hair’ has risen to top spots on various online music charts not long after its release.

Huh Gak and Jung Eunji’s ‘Short Hair’ is currently first on Mnet, Bugs Music, Soribada and many more. BEAST who has reached an ALL-KILL recently, are strong on the charts too. BEAST’s latest release ‘Will it be Okay?’ occupies first spot on Melon, Olleh Music  and more.

BEAST is from Cube Entertainment, whereas Huh Gak and Jung Eunji are from A Cube Entertainment. Although they are not of the same company, they still have strong family ties with each other. Cube’s power has been verified.

Huh Gak and Jung Eunji’s ‘Short Hair’ shows Huh Gak’s sweet voice and Jung Eunji’s gentle vocals. This combination of vocals blends well with the song that includes acoustic guitar and piano melody.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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