[Star Today] Cube expresses, “Jay-Z’s love call to Rain, Still under verification”

Regarding reports saying singer Rain has received love calls from Jay-Z, Cube Entertainment expressed their stand, “We are still trying to verify the exact truth.”

On the 30th, a media has reported that Rain is currently undergoing coordination works on an agreement with world famous rapper and producer Jay-Z. The media reported:

” Prior to his discharge, it seems like soloist Rain will soon cooperate with renowned rapper Jay-Z.

On the 30th May, it has been confirmed that Rain had been considering on an agreement with Jay-Z’s founded label Roc Nation recently.

Jay-Z who is keen on KPOP apparently sent love calls to Rain, and Rain was reported to have considered about it in a positive manner.

If the contract is to take effect, Roc Nation will be carrying out various overseas activities for Rain who is already known globally. Rain has recently took on roles in movies such as ‘Ninja Assassin’, ‘Speed Racer and more’, as well as releasing albums as a singer. His synergy with Jay-Z has gathered much attention.

It is a situation where Roc Nation is currently contacting Rain through aides. With no confirmed information on the current situation, attention is building high as to whether the contract will be carried out.

Rain’s future activities and orientations are still under coordination works.”

Announcing their partnership with Rain recently, Cube Entertainment expressed, “Rain-ssi is currently serving in the military, and that’s the reason why it is hard to verify the truth for now” and, “Once we grab more concrete details about the contract and confirm its validity, then we shall announce it”, they expressed.

Jay-Z’s love call is still in a vague state despite being said as the truth. Previously, Rain has agreed to promote under Cube after his discharge from the military, therefore it should be discussed with Cube beforehand.

Although Cube expressed their stand to promote Rain overseas actively, Jay-Z’s love call and conditions stated in the contract has yet to be confirmed, and because of that, it seems that they will need time to verify the matter.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star Today


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