[Sina] M4M to shoot MV in Korea, 4minute Nam JiHyun takes female lead


Boy group M4M has recently released their first mini album ‘Mystic Formula’ and has gone to Korea to produce an MV for their upcoming  second title track ‘When You Leave Me’. It was told that the MV female lead is none other than 4minute’s leader Nam JiHyun.

Unlike ‘Sadness’, ‘When You Leave Me’ is a slow ballad song, which portrays the sad and sorrowful emotions of a man after his lover had left him.

‘When You Leave Me’ MV production will be undertaken by Cube Entertainment in Korea. In the MV, the four members of M4M will be meeting everyone with an all-new image. Moreover, one of the member will be having quite some ‘intimate’ scenes with the female lead. The mysterious female lead is revealed to be M4M’s senior group 4minute’s leader, Nam JiHyun.


Since M4M’s trainee days, 4minute have been taking good care of them. Nam JiHyun who had witnessed the growth of M4M has always have a high expectation on them. Knowing that she’ll be taking on the lead role in their MV, Nam JiHyun expressed that she looks forward to the filming session. Not only had she canceled her activities in Korea, so to have more time for the MV, she had also started making early preparations for the shoot. With senior Nam JiHyun’s support and encouragement, M4M has gained much more confidence. They even revealed that during the shooting process, Nam JiHyun has given them quite a lot of advice.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sina


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