[OSEN] BEAST Yong JunHyung, Doing well in both acting and composing

BEAST Yong JunHyung has recently caught attention for his ability in both acting and music aspect.

Recently, Yong JunHyung who takes on his first acting challenge on MONSTAR as the leader of a popular idol group, Yoon SeolChan, has received good comments on his natural acting skills.

‘MONSTAR’ production crew expressed, “It is Yong JunHyung’s first acting challenge, so he practiced very hard to overcome the stress. After being cast, he was always practicing acting and playing music instruments, trying his best to portray Yoon SeolChan’s character” and, “The production crew are shocked at Yong JunHyung’s improved acting every day”, he praised.

BEAST’s new release ‘Will it be Okay’, talks about a man’s heart that concerns and worries about his ex-lover’s situation. Member Yong JunHyung has once again garnered attention as he personally participated by composing and writing the lyrics for the song.

Receiving good comments with its sad melody and sorrowful voice, where listeners can relate to, ‘Will it be Okay’ has swept 9 main music charts within 3 hours after its release, causing another wave of BEAST’s ballad.

Cube Entertainment explained, “Despite having a busy schedule shooting for dramas and going for overseas promotion, Yong JunHyung helped a lot in the composing of the song. Understanding the members’ characteristics more than anyone does, Yong JunHyung sometimes gives and receives musical ideas, and that seems to have given birth to a song that optimizes BEAST’s ability”.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN




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