[Newsen] 4minute reveals the sad life of an idol, Hyuna reveals complexity

4minute has recently revealed the life of an idol in South Korea.

On the broadcast of ‘Baek JiYeon’s People Inside’ that was aired on 29th May, when asked if there’s any common perception on idols, 4minute replied, “It’s sad”.

4minute’s maknae Kwon SoHyun expressed, “The similar experience faced by idols, are that they received more love from the public or students too early. So, they have lost their childhood even when they’re young”.

She continued, “I’m one of those who have lost much of my childhood. I wasn’t able to feel what my friends feel” and, “I first learned about the relationship between adults and how the society works.”

Also, “I couldn’t go on trips with friends, rather than returning home after school and think about what to eat, I would go for practice instead”, expressing her sadness.

Jeon Jiyoon explained, “When we chat with friends, our talking topic is so different, and that I felt that I and my friends think very much different” and, “At these times, I felt like I was having a meeting. Since our frustrations are so different, I feel hurt.”

Meanwhile, Hyuna has confessed about her complexities.

Hyuna’s complexities are revealed to be 3 things, which are alcohol, cheekbones and her voice. Regarding her cheekbones, Hyuna revealed that she looks like she’s smiling diagonally whenever she’s in front of the camera. Also, she expressed, “It seems nice to drink, but the fact is, I really can’t deal with alcohol well. My face will turn red even with one glass of alcohol, and the members will tease me a lot about it.”

Hyuna continued, “There’s nothing elegant about my voice, and it sounded like woodpecker, so it’s one of my complex. When I go outside, people who don’t know me, will recognize immediately because of my voice”, and also confessing that she likes Baek JiYeon’s deep voice.

When asked if 4minute has quarrels within the group, they replied, “Our talks everyday talks about ‘how 5 of us are so different?'” and, “Everyone are opposite of each other, and that somehow is a good thing”, they said.

4minute continued, “In fact, all five of us don’t have many friends. In particular, celebrity friends are even lesser” and, “During the same promotion period, we could get closer and go out for some drinks, but we don’t have much friends”, they revealed.

They further explained, “In the waiting room, we always play within ourselves, but when other people comes, we would just sit there. Our shyness is really serious” and, “Because we don’t have many friends where we could talk with, we would spend most of the time just mingling within ourselves.”

4minute also revealed to have challenged their very own fan cafe level up questions before.


Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen (1) (2) (3)


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