[Sports World] BEAST reveals secretive jacket photoshoot… ‘Will it be Okay?’

Group BEAST has revealed the jacket photoshoot for title track ‘Will it be Okay’ that will be released on the coming 29th.

Agency Cube Entertainment has released a photoshoot consisting of all 6 members, showing off their strong manly charms and secretive looks, raising the anticipation of fans for the new song. In the photoshoot, BEAST who we have not seen for quite some time, wore classic suits and emphasizes on their maturity, highlighting each personalities and their gentle charismatic charms at the same time.

BEAST’s digital title track ‘Will it be Okay?’ will be revealed on various online music sites on the 29th afternoon. The song is hinted to be a ballad song composed by Yong JunHyung and Kim TaeeJoo. In particular, BEAST who are known for their delicate voice color, will deliver their maturer emotions through this dramatic song where everyone can relate to. All this while, BEAST has not only achieve success in dance songs, but has also garnered popularity with pre-released ballads, and is known as a group that does a large spectrum. ‘On Rainy Days’ from their first full-length album has captured the public’s attention despite being a dance group. ‘Midnight’ from their last mini album too, emphasizes on the lyrics as well as proving their ballad ability once again.

Previously on the 17th, Cube Entertainment Representative Hong revealed that BEAST will be holding two projects prior to their comeback in July. He hinted the release of digital single ‘Will it be Okay?’ on the 29th of May, and a special meeting with fans in June. Moreover, BEAST will be holding a solo concert in July that coincides with their comeback.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports World


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