[Newsen] BEAST, 4minute, G.NA and even Rain, CUBE Entertainment rocks the entertainment industry

‘Cube Incident’ took place.

House to BEAST, 4minute, G.NA and many more popular idols, Cube Entertainment has shaken the entertainment industry with the combined force of ‘World Star’ Rain.

Cube Entertainment’s representative, Hong SeungSong, wrote on the 28th of May on the official website to deliver their exclusive contract with Rain. Previously, when Representative Hong was a joint-representative of JYP Entertainment, he cast and trained Rain, and was a person playing a huge role in Rain’s career as a world star. Rain often addresses Representative Hong as ‘father’, showing his deep affection and trust for him.

Since separated from JYP Entertainment, Representative Hong started a new company, Cube Entertainment in 2008. Ever since, every artists launched have achieved great success, growing into a management company that is becoming a huge threat to the Big 3 of the entertainment industry (SM, YG, and JYP).

Joining hands with two idol teams, BEAST and 4minute, female soloist G.NA, rookie idols BTOB who are springing into popularity, ‘Birth of a New Star’ Roh JiHoon and more, the company has gained success with its quality and quantity of artists. Gagman Kim KiRi has also signed with Cube Entertainment. A closely-related agency of Cube Entertainment, A Cube Entertainment also houses Huh Gak and A Pink. Indeed a glamorous line up for a company.

In the entertainment industry, Cube Entertainment has received speculation if the company has the ability to compete shoulder to shoulder with the Big 3 management. It is long known that Representative Hong SeungSong has brought the entertainment world to life with its huge influence in the field.

Not backing off from the industry, Cube Entertainment’s recent combination with ‘branded’ Rain has raised topics if Cube will take a part of its share in the entertainment industry with its Big 3 peers.

A representative from the industry spoke, “The talk about Rain and Cube Entertainment has been awhile, it was something within expectation” and, “Cube Entertainment obviously have a powerful line up as good as the Big 3”, he said.

He followed with, “Cube Entertainment is gaining attention for its share of the market” and, “If Big 3 are agencies that are artist-oriented, then Cube Entertainment which is founded by an experienced manager has a very much different personality than the majority. Anticipation is high”, he commented.

Also, “The existing idols have great determination and are able to gain great success. The industry sees that Cube Entertainment might give a new upgrade to the entertainment field,” he added.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen



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