[Cube Entertainment] From Cube: Greetings. I’m Hong SeungSong

Hello. I’m Hong SeungSong.

Now, prior to a second embark of a long companion of mine, I’m here to deliver my thankful greetings to those who always welcome each and everyone’s start of the journey. Just like health and the the spring sunshine, I wish for a spring filled with warm loves. To me, the spring season gives me special warm memories, uncontrollable excitements and electricity.

In particular, Rain who held his debut stage on someday in May 2002, and even becoming a global star beyond just an Asia star, had given me a memory so exciting that I can never hide. After that, I had spent many shiny Springs.

During this period, we have became walking sticks to each other, sometimes not forgetting advises, slowly developing as friends, and have made each other happy. And in Spring of 2013, Rain and Hong SeungSong have once again stood together before the new starting line.

At first, while coaching Rain to stand on stage, I had premonitions that today would come. A different Rain, and bringing Jung JiHoon to stand taller, gaining his source of self confidence. Artists themselves keep the harshest and cold yardstick close to them. At some times, I admire Rain’s nature that does not settle at reality, and looked after him as a producer as well as a friend.

Rain who was tagged the many ‘firsts’ – singer, actor and producer during this time, and the strength of Rain who knows no boundaries, will be unfolding the second phase starting from now, and to once again prove himself.

About 11 years ago, I’ve met a teenager with a gaze that is filled with flames. He’s more passionate than anyone else. He, who had worked diligently without knowing the harshness and darkness of the outside world, has roared the world  like a tiger. That tiger has now turned 30 years old, and is still holding the throne despite the fierce wildlife.

Rain and I, who had cast and trained Rain, will be ripping off the glamorous pages of history, and look forward to a new and different future. Despite various proposals about Rain,we are determined to start off with the original intentions again. With a committed heart, we shall walked hand in hand.

In other sense, I would like to express my grateful heart to Rain for repaying me by joining forces together. Like his trainee era and even 10 years later, my friend, Rain whom is filled with passion, and as his companion, we will prepare for more days in the future.

In addition, in order to repay Rain who gave his non-stop love and support, we promise to bring him a beautiful legacy with every steps taken. In the future too, I, sincerest of all sincerity, hope to be your companion for a long time. I’m always thankful for you who walk with me even for every steep steps.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Cube Entertainment Official Website




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