[YinYueTai] 4minute member to appear in M4M ‘When You Leave Me’ MV

Debuted for just a short two months period, China-Korea collaborated all-Chinese male group M4M has attracted attention both in Korea and China with their debut song ‘Sadness’, as the number of fans increases at a quick pace.

Recently in Asia idol industry, many idols are formed with different nationalities. Although M4M members were trained in Korea, all four members are actually of Chinese blood. Their first mini album ‘Mystic Formula’ included Korean version of ‘Sadness’ as well as five additional tracks. The album received praises for its exceptional composing and melody, as well as Chinese lyrics added to a KPOP-styled song.

It was reported that the only slow song in the album, ‘When You Leave Me’ (direct translation from ‘当你离开我’) has received recognition from the industry. And because of that, M4M agency XingTian Entertainment will be adding a budget to shoot for a new MV for this song. The MV shoot will still be undertaken by Cube Entertainment in Korea. According to a source, the female lead for this MV will be a member of Cube’s popular girl group 4minute. However, no further details on that particular 4minute member were disclosed. The agency intends to embark on a mysterious route, where everything is kept secret for the time being. That said, they hope that fans will anticipate the upcoming MV!

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: YinYueTai


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