[Newsen] Yoon Doojoon hints on BEAST new album, “Going all out for it”

Yoon Doojoon has revealed an expressive photoshoot.

Yoon Doojoon has shot for Elle magazine June issue photoshoot, together with an interview.

The photoshoot this time round shows Yoon Doojoon’s relaxed and comfortable look, capturing hearts with his tender gaze while his left side profile left a strong impression.

Yoon Doojoon has recently filmed for drama IRIS 2 as Seo HyunWoo, and had received recognition as an actor.

In the interview, regarding his acting success, Yoon Doojoon humbly expressed, “I had good lucks”. He continued, “I have a positive attitude. I cherish and treasure myself. It think that an opportunity will come if I treasure myself.”

Yoon Doojoon has also revealed that the members of BEAST will be reuniting once again after each member’s personal activities. BEAST are currently working on their upcoming new release. Regarding their new album concept, Yoon Doojoon saved his words, instead, he hinted, “We are working all out for it. BEAST wants to be a group that does well in expressive/lyrical songs”.

He continued, “The album has completed. (All/Most of) The songs are written by Yong JunHyung, and they are songs that relaxes the listener’s mind. I personally liked them too. But we have yet to decide on a title track or a release date. So please wait a little more!”. (Source: KpopN)

BEAST’s leader Yoon Doojoon’s photoshoot and interview will be revealed in the June issue of Elle.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: NewsenKpopN


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