[Joy News] ‘MONSTAR’ JunHyung-BTOB to release ‘After Time Passes’

‘MONSTAR’ will be releasing another OST, titled ‘After Time Passes’.

Mnet Music Drama ‘MONSTAR’ will be revealing a new single, titled ‘After Time Passes’ on the 24th afternoon, sang by Yong JunHyung and members of BTOB.

‘After Time Passes’ is the title song for fictional idol group Man in Black’s (made up by Yong JunHyung and members of BTOB). This song was previously played in the first episode broadcasted on the 17th May.

‘After Time Passes’ was formally released by famous English artist, Pastino in 2006. The song will be reborn in addition with Man In Black’s own colors. The remake song will be maintaining the warm vibe of the original song, together with a fusion of vintage sounds and drums as accompaniment. At the same time, this song will feature Yong JunHyung and BTOB’s emotional rapping skills.

‘After Time Passes’ has become a hot topic on various SNS and online community after its broadcast from the first episode. This song is expected to further immerse viewers in emotions in the upcoming second episode.

Meanwhile, ‘After Time Passes’ track and music video will be released on the 24th afternoon.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Joy News


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