[OSEN] BTOB’s first visit to Cambodia.. Fan Meeting + Volunteer Work

Group BTOB has successfully completed their Cambodia promotions with a fan meet event and volunteer works.

Starting from 19th of May, BTOB stayed 3 days 2 night in Cambodia and held their first fan meet at Koh Pich Theater, and subsequently carried out various more promotional activities in the country.

Previously, BTOB promoted in Thailand, where they held fan meeting, and tickets were quickly sold out, as well as attending various broadcast programs, proving the Hallyu power as they managed to attract many local media’s attention. Following after Thailand’s promotions, BTOB’s fan meet in Cambodia further attracted  an exceptional figure of over 1000 fans, proving their popularity in South East Asia.

BTOB’s first Cambodia fan meeting was titled ‘BTOB Press Play in Cambodia’, where 50 local media outlets attended. That night, the boys had put on a string of performance stages for 1000 fans. BTOB’s cute aegyo and wittiness have brought great memories to fans in Cambodia.

This fan meeting has captured attention as there were many male fans among the audience. Fans performing K-POP dance covers are growing more and more recently. As BTOB’s songs are made up of many powerful dance moves, male fans among local Cambodian fans seemed to be more in number, as analysed by local entertainment officials.

Also, BTOB left unforgettable memories as they visited a welfare institution nearby Phnom Penh. BTOB serenaded with their songs to over 100 young children living in the institution, as well as sharing out snacks, spending a warm time with them. In addition, BTOB painted the institution despite the hot weather, bringing about a deeper meaning to their various promotions in Cambodia.

BTOB’s leader Seo Eunkwang expressed his thoughts, “This is our first visit to Cambodia. Having to hold a fan meeting and spending time with the young children are really meaningful to us, so we’re very happy about it. Seeing them smiling with bright faces when we sang somehow healed us as well. I hope that we can do this for a longer period next time.”

BTOB will soon leave for a concert in Malaysia on the 23rd May

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN



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