[Sports Seoul] BEAST reveals photoshoot for Vogue Girl

Group BEAST have emancipated their sporty charms in a fashion magazine ‘Vogue Girl’ photoshoot.

BEAST wore a colorful outfits, showing a healthy and cheerful image. According to a representative, BEAST went for the photoshoot in an energetic look, showing no signs of tiredness at all.

그룹 비스트의 화사한 분위기가 돋보이는 패션 잡지 보그걸 6월 화보가 공개됐다. 윤두준, 이기광, 손동운, 용준형, 양용섭, 장현승(왼쪽부터)./ 패션 잡지 보그 걸 제공

In the interview that was held during the photoshoot, the members revealed their recent activities, values as well as ways of relieving stress. Despite their busy schedule, BEAST members have put on a professional attitude in the shoot.

Netizens who saw BEAST’s photoshoot commented, “BEAST are really cheerful!”, “BEAST are really handsome”, “It seems like summer is coming” and various more reactions.

BEAST members’ charms can be seen in the June issue of ‘Vogue Girl’.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul



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