[Newsen] JunHyung-BTOB-Ha YeonSu to reveal first OST for MONSTAR

Yong JunHyung will be releasing a new track through MONSTAR.

Following the first broadcast of Mnet Music Drama ‘MONSTAR’ on the 17th May, the first OST ‘Past Days’ will be  lifting its veil along with the episode. It is also revealed that Yong JunHyung, BTOB and Ha YeonSu’s reinterpretation of ‘Past Days’, originally sang by Yoo JaeHa, will be revealed on the 17th May, prior to the first broadcast. ‘Past Days’ will be the opening for the first episode of the drama, and therefore, it is an important song.

This song starts off with Ha YeonSu’s innocent vocals and acoustic guitar melody, which then switch into a strong dance song as Yong JunHyung and BTOB’s powerful raps comes in. It was reported that this song listeners won’t easily tell that it’s a remake of an old song since it combines two genres into one that will easily capture ears. Idol group in the drama, Man In Black are set to dance to it, presenting a glamorous stage in the show.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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