[Herald Corp] Hyuna shed tears, “Winning first after reuniting with 4minute members”

Hyuna has shed tears after it was announced that 4minute’s new song has charted first.

Hyuna reunited with 4minute members on the 16th. Together, they had put on a performance and won first on MCountdown.

4minute expressed their winning thoughts, “There are many who worked hard for this. We’re really happy for being able to receive award for 2 weeks straight. We want to share this news with all our company colleagues,” and, “In particular, this award is even more meaningful with Hyuna’s comeback.”

Hyuna’s eyes were filled with tears of joy. During the encore stage, Hyuna shared her joy with her youthful dance.

Netizens who saw her crying scene commented, “Hyuna’s tears…Congratulations for being #1”, “It seems like Hyuna has worked a lot”, “Hyuna’s tears are tears of joy, of course!”, “I’m happy too”, and various more responses.

Hyuna recently admitted hospital on the 6th but had discharged on the 12th.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Herald Corp


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