[News] ‘MONSTAR’ Yong JunHyung, “Still look young despite standing with Juniors BTOB”

Mnet 새드라마 '몬스타' 제작발표회에 참석한 비투비 용준형 / 사진 : 더스타 DB

BEAST member Yong JunHyung has expressed his thoughts on working with junior group BTOB which is of the same company.

During a press conference for MONSTAR, Yong JunHyung revealed, “In the drama, I and BTOB members act as popular idol group ‘Man In Black’. We were of the same company but we don’t meet each other often. I thought a lot, ‘What to do if these friends give me a hard time’, and worried very much about it.”

Yong JunHyung continued, “Unlike my concerns, during the shoot for our jacket picture, we matched each other well. BTOB members are younger than me but because I was with them, it seems that I looked younger as well”, he expressed, causing laughter on the press conference today.

He has also expressed that he felt burdensome on his first drama. “I feel stressful with my first debut in a drama. There were many worries as well. Director-nim hopes that I could act a Yoon SeolChan that loves music and knows about music,” he said.

He continued, “In order to act as Yoon SeolChan, I am practicing very hard to present that delicate act” and, “I’m working hard not to lie to the audience, but to make a real situation of it”, he added.

Also, he revealed, “Since debut, I’ve always wanted to act, but saying that I want to act doesn’t mean that I could act. I think that I have to be given a chance only then I can do so. I feel good since a good opportunity came”, he expressed.

Meanwhile, the drama will be aired on the coming 17th of May.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: The Star, SSTV Hankyung


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