[Star News] MONSTAR PD, “Yong JunHyung, an actor to shock everyone”

imageKim WonSeok PD has praised BEAST’s Yong JunHyung who has challenged to act for the first time.

On the 13th May afternoon, during a press conference for ‘MONSTAR’ in Seoul, Kim WonSeok PD has expressed his anticipation and satisfaction for rookie actors he had casted.

Kim WonSeok PD praised, “I wanted to let Yong JunHyung to act, and fortunately, he himself wanted to act as well. He’s an actor that will shock everyone. You’ll know it when you see (him act)”, and “There are quite a lot of rookie actors who firstly debuted as idols, but I’m welcoming them. Since they work diligently in various aspects, they have their way to control themselves. Also, they improved very fast in terms of acting as well”, expressing his positive view on actor-dols.

Kim PD also commented, “I’ve worked with the trio (Yong Junyung, Ha YeonSu and Kang Haneul) all the time and the three of them carry a potential unlike any other rookies.”

MONSTAR will be aired firstly on the coming 17th at 9.50PM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News


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