[News] Yong JunHyung expresses thoughts on Yoon SeolChan and Sasaeng fans

BEAST’s Yong JunHyung has expressed, “Yoon SeolChan is slowly taking over my usual character”.

During a press conference for MONSTAR, Yong JunHyung expressed, “Since this friend, called Yoon SeolChan doesn’t use the same words I use or acts like my usual self, it was hard but the more I’m shooting for this drama, I feel more and more excited (about this character)”, he said.

On this day, Yong JunHyung expressed, “I don’t joke a lot and seldom have any emotional ups and downs with my usual self. Fans were always calling me ‘Our Chic Oppa’. That being said, the more I act as Yoon Seol Chan, the more I’ve changed. Not long ago, on the red carpet of ‘Dream Concert’, BEAST taking funny picture poses was my idea. I think I will be able to show that image of myself more often in the future.”

Regarding questions if BEAST members provide advice, he replied, “We don’t give advice to each other”. He added, “Since they knew that we’re working on an album together, and I had to go for filming session, they would finish their schedule first and said caring words such as ‘have strength’ to me.”

Meanwhile, Yong JunHyung has revealed his thoughts on sasaeng fans that surround idols most of the time.

Yong JunHyung appeared on MONSTAR as a 6-members group member. He expressed, “Promoting as BEAST helps a lot in my acting.” Moreover, his character Yoon SeolChan frustrates a lot about sasaeng fans incidents which is very much relateable to his activity as a BEAST member.

Yong JunHyung revealed, “I think that sasaeng fans or rumors that are too serious are not good” and, “Even so, because I feel that all this stemmed from the attention for us, so in my opinion, I don’t think that it’s absolutely bad,” revealing his stand.

Also, co-actor Kang Haneul revealed that he has cleared his prejudices towards idols.

He expressed, “Working with MinHo has cleared my idol prejudices, and then I met Yong JunHyung-ssi. Through Yong JunHyung, I no longer have any misconceptions on idols anymore. Yong JunHyung felt like an actor colleague I knew for long time instead of an idol. We easily get close together and practiced a lot. The atmosphere is really great.”

Meanwhile, the drama will be aired on the 17th May.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Herald Corp, Review Star, TV Report


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