[TV Daily] Yong JunHyung + BTOB = Man In Black, ‘Surprise’ at perfect cooperation like a real group

티브이데일리 포토

The 5 years apart ‘age’ difference did not stop BEAST’s Yong JunHyung and rookie group BTOB’s cooperation.

On the evening of the 9th, in a special video of ‘The Star Monstar within me’, Yong JunHyung and BTOB have revealed their charismatic looks as fictional group ‘Men in Black’ in the drama, ‘MONSTAR’.

In the video, Yong JunHyung and BTOB transformed into ‘Man in Black’ as they were seen filming for a performance in front of a group of audience.

It was reported that Yong JunHyung and BTOB firstly cooperated as Man In Black, but they were seen perfectly complementing each other as they received cheers from audience with their glamorous dance performance. We were able to see Yong JunHyung’s cute side as he made cute expressions to fans who have requested so.

Man In Black is the group name where ‘Seol Chan’ (Yong JunHyung) is in. BTOB’s Lee MinHyuk, Yook Sungjae, Im Hyunsik and Lee Changsub have also supported their senior Yong Junhyung in ‘MONSTAR.

In the special video, their performance as Man in Black and interesting production of MONSTAR was included, further raising anticipation for the drama. Prior to the filming, Yong JunHyung has shown a nervous look and also confessed that he was burdensome as it was his first time acting as the main lead in the drama. He also worries about his acting skills.

MONSTAR will be aired every 7.30pm.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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