[Newsen] 4minute rep, “Hyuna is recovering fast, but she’s taking a break for now”

Hyuna’s situation is stable and is in the midst of recovering.

4minute agency Cube Entertainment spoke to Newsen on the 8th, “Hyuna who had admitted into the hospital took several examinations. The results are not completely out yet but according to the hospital’s statement, it seems that there won’t be any serious health problem. If there’s a need to monitor and to undergo more detailed examinations, they will progress with it”, he expressed.

The representative continued, “The doctor-in-charge has assured that Hyuna is currently recovering fast. She went to the hospital due to a fever but it has reduced quickly too. That being said, our company felt that it won’t be good if she starts her activities immediately, as she might fall sick again. Therefore, we have decided that Hyuna to have a good rest in the hospital first so that her health will recover completely”, he explained.

Hyuna’s schedule has been stopped. The pre-recordings of SBS Inkigayo on the 7th was carried out by the four members of 4minute without Hyuna. Hyuna’s  schedule on the following day, May 8th was excluded as well. The representative spoke, “For the time being, the four members of 4minute will have to carry out the schedules. Today’s MBC Show Champion and a few more broadcasting schedule will still be carried out without Hyuna’s presence.”

Hyuna collapsed with a fever on the 6th and was admitted into the hospitals. Fans, too, were worried about her situation.

Meanwhile, 4minute has released their title track ‘What’s Your Name’ and is in the midst of having their promotions.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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