[Sports Chosun] 7 Cuties BTOB shows off their manliness in High Cut

7-members boy group BTOB has revealed a photoshoot showing of their manliness and cute charms.

Receiving loves from noona fans after their digital single ‘Second Confession’, boy group BTOB has received even more loves with their cheerful charms in magazine ‘High Cut’.

The members were seen standing in a straight line facing the wall and exposing their upper body with a pair of shorts, showing off their manliness and cheerful personality. Although they are still a rookie in photoshoot, their natural flow of poses and humorous expressions have brought about perfection to the shoot.

비투비가 귀여운 컨셉트의 화보를 공개했다. 사진제공=하이컷

In the interview, regarding comments of BTOB’s ‘Second Confession’ being similar to god’s ‘One Candle’, member Jung IlHoon explained, “Actually I wrote the narration for the introduction part. At first I was thinking of writing it in English, but I heard comments asking me to try and write in Korean with a different color to it. I tried it and when I listen to it then, there were some parts that do sound similar,” he revealed honestly. Leader Seo Eunkwang continued that, “Coincidentally, all of the members love god-seniors. God is like the team’s role model”, he added.

In addition, every members have shown their greed to appear on variety shows. Jung IlHoon expressed, “When all of us are together, we go crazy. The previous reality program that we were on is like education to us,” he revealed. Im Hyunsik continued, “When Maknae Yook Sungjae turns 20 next year, it’s my wish for us to be on ‘SNL Korea'”. Peniel who has never tried his hands in the variety world expressed, “If I were to appear on Korean variety show, I think I’ll be chased off the country”, causing laughter to everyone.

BTOB’s photoshoot can be seen in the no.101 High Cut issue.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Chosun


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