[Star News] 4minute’s honest confession in Helium voices, Hyuna’s Cute mistake

4minute have consumed Helium gas while confession their inner thoughts to each members, causing the audience to burst into laughter.

On the 4th May broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Guerrilla Date’, girl group 4minute has made a sudden appearance.

On this day, the girls consumed Helium gas and had a war of honest and funny confession to each other.

Starting off with Kim Hyuna who spoke to Nam JiHyun, “When all of us are together, can you please stop wearing the high heels? You’re tall, you see”. With this Nam JiHyun then defended her actions, “I want to show my long legs, so I wear them often.”

Jeon Jiyoon then targeted Kwon SoHyun with a strong straightforward comment, “Stop saying that you’re pretty in person! You’re not pretty in person”, which frustrates the maknae.

Jeon Jiyoon continued commented about nano body Heo Gayoon, “Actually, I’m afraid of standing beside you” while SoHyun beside further added oil to the flames, “Stop losing weight! You’re putting us in a difficult position”.

Soon after the comment, maknae SoHyun immediately made her clever retreat, “I love you” but Heo Gayoon responded, “Don’t be funny, SoHyun-ah”, causing laughter among the audiences.

Meanwhile, Hyuna has made a cute mistake as she misstated Gag Concert’s corner ‘Discovery of Life’ as ‘Experts of Life’. Not long after her mistake, Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon were seen bursting out in laughter, only then did Hyuna realized her mistakes and laughed as well.

Hyuna also confessed, “Lately I’ve been saying lots of mistakes on live broadcast” and even revealed that she mixed up ‘Guerrilla Date’ as ‘Guerrilla Concert’.

Meanwhile, 4minute’s ‘What’s Your Name’ has received abundance of loves as reflected on charts.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News, Newsen


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